BOSHUTAI?(Acarbose Tablets)

Indicated for Diabetes type 2, even prediabetes in some countries

Boshutai? (Acarbose tablet) is small molecule drug used to treat diabetes. Acarbose inhibits a class of enzyme, known as glycosidehydrolases, required for digesting carbohydrates into glucoses. Acarbose effectively reduces blood glucose level for patients with diabetes type 2, reaching adequate HbA1c level.

Boshutai? highlights:

Suitable for Asians with carbohydrates as staple food

Approved 1st line therapeutic drug for diabetes in PRC

Acarbose is an α-glucosidase inhibitor (AGI), AGI has the highest sales among oral hypoglycemic agents in China

Boshutai? advantages listed below

Boshutai? targets the α-glucosidase inhibitor, an enzyme found in the brush boarder of the small intestine, important for breaking down starch and disaccharides to glucose. By blocking the enzyme, less carbohydrates are metabolized, resulting to a reduction of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream

Acarbose can be administered alone or in combination with many other anti-diabetes drugs, offering flexible therapy combinations according to clinical practitioner judgment and patient need, thus leading to a large market size

Acarbose has long track record for diabetes therapy in China and considered a very critical 1st line drug for diabetes patients

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